Sba loans

SBA Loans

Expedited SBA funding with a simplified process
Lower Rates, Larger Amounts, Longer Terms—Fast & Easy Process
Accomplish virtually any small business goal.

​Do You Qualify for an SBA Loan?

2+ Years Time in Business
We fund all businesses, from the most ancient, to those taking their first steps—and everything in-between.

$100K in Annual Gross Sales
Whether you do $100k or $10mil+ in sales, we got your back!

685+ FICO Required
A credit score of 685+ is required to obtain an SBA Loan.

Benefits of SBA Funding

Longer Terms

SBA funding with term lengths of 10-25 years.

Prime Rate+

SBA financing with set rates, and set terms.

Express Funding

On loan amounts of $350k or less.

We Have Funded Over $1 Billion in Financing Through Our Global Marketplace

Fast Facts: Small Business Administration Loans

Financing Amount
$10,000 – $5Mil

Flexible Terms
10 – 25 Years

Time to Fund
As Little as 45 Days

Business Growth
Hire additional staff, and purchase an additional location in order to grow and expand your business.

Business Expenses
Cover virtually any business expense, from building and equipment upgrades, to managing payroll.

Business Opportunities
Overcome any business challenge, and seize every opportunity for growth.​

What is an SBA Loan?

A Small Business Administration-backed loan, or an SBA loan, can help your business to get working capital to accomplish any goal, like expanding, purchasing/refurbishing equipment, taking on new real estate or refinancing an existing mortgage or agreement, and more.

SBA loans are one of the most desirable and sought-after types of business loans.Many small business owners apply for an SBA loan before exploring other similar options. Between lower interest rates and substantially longer repayment terms, SBA loans tend to give you the funding you need, without disrupting your cash flow.

While you can get SBA loans through both financial institutions like traditional banks and online lenders, they aren’t taking all of the risk. These loans are guaranteed through the SBA, a branch of the government dedicated to fostering stronger small businesses.

Through most lenders, SBA loans come with one drawback: it can take forever (up to 8 months) to complete the process. Banks thoroughly review loan applications, business plans, personal credit score, and more before providing an answer. When you use an SBA loan to drive revenue in your business, it can significantly improve cash flow.

Broad Spectrum Financialhas eliminated this issue by streamlining the process to 45 days! Through our network of 75+ lenders, we can speed up the funding process to complete it in nearly half the time, while also simplifying the long and complex procedure to make SBA funding much easier for you. With guidance from your Business Financing Advisor, you can even get an SBA loan with a tax judgement.

Why  Broad Spectrum Financial?

  • Express Processing
  • Minimized Paperwork
  • Higher Approval Rate
  • Consult with an Expert Advisor

Why Choose  Broad Spectrum Financial for SBA Financing? Better Terms. Faster Funding. Easy Process.

​As an industry leader since 2007,  Broad Spectrum Financial understands that every business has its own story, with their own unique goals for growth.  Broad Spectrum Financial listens carefully to YOUR story before connecting you with a Global Marketplace of over 75+ Lenders to find the best SBA funding options that fit your business needs perfectly. You will be paired with a Business Financing Advisor, who will be there to help answer any questions, and guide you through the financing process from start to finish.

Broad Spectrum Financial has revolutionized the infamously long and complicated SBA Loan process by simplifying the application process, and eliminating unnecessary paperwork, giving you the ability to secure financing in as little as 60 days, instead of the 6 month wait period typically required by traditional lenders.