Shelf Corporations



  1. What are the advantages of obtaining a shelf company? Increased access to credit, instant credibility, access to bidding opportunities, asset management, instant access to a company, easy start-up and many other reasons exist to obtain a shelf company. Ask yourself, “Would I hire myself if the business is two weeks old or two years old?” “Would I loan money to a company that’s two weeks old or two years old?” Many of these questions may lead to the answer of whether a shelf company is an advantage.
  2. Is the shelf corporation company free from debts, liabilities, taxes and obligations? A shelf company must be free of all debts and taxes when it’s transferred to the first owner(you). All our companies are unused with no business history.
  3. Is it better to buy a shelf corporation company with no business history? Yes. Companies with no business history are advantageous because the corporation company has no outstanding obligations, taxes, and contracts. An un-used company is better than one where the business history is unknown.
  4. Is it better to buy a shelf corporation company with established credit? No. Credit is established under your operations. A company with a credit history may also carry obligations unseen. For this reason, obtain a company with no business history.
  5. What is the best manner to represent my shelf company in my home state, if that’s where I am filing? Your company is now expanding into your state.
  6. How is my name placed on the articles of incorporation as a restatement of the articles of incorporation? It is called a restatement of the articles of incorporation. WY, MT and NM all allows for filing a restatement of the articles. We prepare the new articles with your name, you sign them, and we submit them to the Secretary of State for you. It takes about ten (10) business days for mailing and approval. Fees vary. Restatement fees for WY is $100, MT is $130, and NM is $200. Once filed, WY and MT emails a copy of the approved articles once complete and they are available online. NM takes longer and does not fax or email a copy.
  7. Can I convert any company to a DE corporation or DE LLC? Yes!

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